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Obstetrics is a field of medicine that specializes in different aspects of pregnancy from prenatal care to childbirth to postnatal care. Women nowadays prefer to be handled by obstetricians instead of general practitioners during their pregnancies because they are skilled and well trained in unexpected problems that may arise during delivery. Dr. Saldivar is used to handling all types of deliveries including high-risk pregnancies and more complicated deliveries with utmost care. Planning to have a baby soon? Please book an appointment with our office to meet Dr. Saldivar and start the process of caring for your new little one under his care.

Gynecology is generally combined with Obstetrics as a specialty in the field of Medicine. It deals with the diagnosis and treatment of women’s reproductive diseases. It cares about any problems that involve the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, vagina, and breast. Reasons to seek gynecological services include regular gynecologic well visit, any pain or discomfort in the pelvic region, any irregularity in menstruation, unusual discharge or odor, abnormal bleeding, and/or a lump in one or both breasts. We would be happy to meet with you in our office so please book an appointment to see Dr. Saldivar and our staff for your gynecologic needs.

Wellness care is a routine checkup of women’s reproductive organs to maintain health and to detect early signs of diseases that may occur in the uterus, cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina, and/or breasts. It is an opportunity for a gynecologist to educate and counsel women regarding birth control, sexually transmitted infections, vaginal infections, pelvic pain, menstrual problems, preconception counseling, fertility, and sexual function. Our practice offers a comprehensive and complete Annual Wellness Exam, Pap Smear, and many forms of Contraception. Click below to schedule an appointment with our office today.

Dr. Jorge Saldivar is a specialist in surgical procedures concerning women’s health. He is highly trained in invasive, minimally invasive, and robotic surgeries. Some of the common procedures he performs include colposcopy, hysteroscopy, endometrial ablation, dilatation and curettage, tubal ligation, hysterectomy, laparoscopy, myomectomy, caesarean section, and pelvic floor repair. Dr. Saldivar has over 30 years of experience and will help you make the decision if surgery is the right option for you. Please schedule an appointment with our office for a consultation.

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